Getting your baby to sit in one place and play the perfect model for that little photo shoot you planned can be quite a task. You have the camera ready, your baby seems happy, and it’s time to click! Well, the moment you start to click, the baby begins to cry or move from that perfect position you placed him/her in.

Can you click great pictures despite you’re baby’s mood swings?  Yes you can, and a few simple tricks can also help you keep the mood swings at bay! Read on:

Be Patient – Patience is the key. Remember, you’re clicking a baby, not a grownup, who can understand your instructions. The baby has a mind of its own and you have to plan your shots accordingly.

Keep Them Well-Fed – A well-fed baby is a happy baby. Period.You don’t want your baby turning cranky while you have the perfect frame ready. Ensure the baby is well-fed, this is very important and the shots are easier to click.

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Place That Toy! – Often babies have a favourite toy they play with. Make sure this toy is always around them when you are clicking pictures. Better still; play with the baby and the toy for some time before you start clicking. Trust me, all your pictures will be of a happy chuckling baby!

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Every Shot Is Perfect  If you are waiting to get the perfect shot, it might be a while. You can have amazing ideas on how you want the photo shoot to playout, but given babies are very temperamental, an attempt at perfection can frustrate you and also stress the baby. Focus on the baby and not on the prefect shot. Focus on capturing the real moments.

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