Unicorn Cake Smash Photo Shoot by Priya Goswami

Unicorn Themed Cake Smash Session

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Family Photo Shoot in Delhi

Fine Art Portraits – Family Session

Family portraits are important; they are the most touchable piece of your legacy. People often ask me about the right time and age to get their family pictures done and I always say it’s the moment you think it is, “That’s The Right Time!”. The Gupta’s just completed 10 years of their togetherness and realized there was no better way to celebrate and cherish the occasion than a family portrait photo-shoot. I have always loved capturing familial bonds in fine art...

Minnie Mouse Themed Cake Smash

Minnie Mouse Themed Cake Smash Session

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Family Portrait Photography India

Fine Art Family Portraits

Taking family photographs is not just clicking a group of people, it is much more than that. It’s about capturing the bond, emotions and legacy of a family to leave behind.   I have always loved clicking people, from all backgrounds and age groups, and realised that they begin to glow and look even more beautiful when around their own people (family/friends). Such an example is the Manns.   I was contacted by the Mann Family for this session as their daughter was leaving...

Cake Smash Photographer in Delhi

Fairy Themed Cake Smash Session

Every parent wants to make their baby’s first birthday special and there’s nothing like celebrating it with smashing of some yummy cake. This fairy-themed cake smash had been on my mind ever since I got this backdrop painted. And then, baby Harshali turned one! Being just the perfect subject dressed beautifully, she posed with a little fairy’s grace for this cake smash session. 😊   Looking at the pictures I feel, it can’t get any cuter than this! I always try to do...

Maternity Photographer in Delhi

Maternity Silhouette Photography

And everything in sight faded down to these *BEAUTIFUL SILHOUETTES*. Silhouettes have always intrigued me, they are like an unspoken poetry that needs to be read between the lines. Similarly, this maternity session turned out to be a beautiful poetry of love, wait and happiness for the arrival of a new life. I had an amazing time clicking this adorable mommy-daddy duo. Both doctors by profession, with mommy being a gynaecologist herself, were looking for a maternity shoot for their...

Maternity Photographer Delhi

Fine Art Maternity Photography

I love creating memories, capturing the fine details of a moment in its true essence and am always trying something new in all my shoots. This fine art maternity photography session was all about capturing the joy of a new life that was about to arrive soon. In this maternity session I experimented a little away from my usual love for the whites and pastels. I had been wanting to do such a vintage session and Kanika & Kavish were not only exuberant parents-to-be but also posed perfectly...

Jungle Themed Cake Smash

Jungle Themed Cake Smash Session

Little Ruhaan turned one today and his mommy and daddy are the happiest!! This jungle-themed indoor cake smash was fun, cute and yummy on tummy. I remember how worried his mommy was when she had called about 10 days back to finalise on a photographer for his pre-birthday shoot. Cant blame her, after all first birthdays are really special and no less than a grand celebration for their families. Every time I plan a cake smash session, I always consult on the likes and dislikes of the baby with...

Importance and Art of Family Portrait Photography

In my childhood I loved looking at the old photos of my family. I would spend hours imagining what it was like to live back those days. It gave me a sense of pride and connection to the past and part of my family that is no longer touchable. I am so grateful that my grandparents gave me a gift of history by taking this family portrait. This is the only way we grandchildren will know what it was like to live in those years and how our grandparents looked at the age of 30. Family portraits are...

Baby Photographer Delhi Noida Gurgaon

Vedanshi’s Baby Photography Session

Vedanshi’s Mom and I had been planning this shoot ever since she was in her mommy’s tummy. We planned several times but couldn’t do a maternity shoot due to certain reasons. Thus we were even more geared up for a baby session which eventually happened in the third month. The baby’s mommy was enthusiastic and full of energy despite being hard pressed for time. Even though daddy was travelling extensively we finally planned it! Both the mother and daughter were divas in front of the...

Cake Smash Photography

Outdoor Cake Smash Session of Baby Viraj

Little one is the life of the house and the first birthdays are no less than an occasion. Let  your 1-2 year old lose in front of a giant cake to dig in and enjoy. Cheeky and adorable pictures are a thing for sure and the best birthday present for years to remember. Baby Cake Smash Photography Seeing the cake for the first time, which is a pretty, colorful, exciting thing for them; babies tend to explore it in the most fun and hilarious manner. In this outdoor cake smash session Viraj tried to...

Family Portrait Photographer

Candid Family Portrait Session @ Home

It’s winters and I was visiting my mom when over a cup of tea I asked her to dig out the old family albums. I love how these picture albums preserve the moments, experiences and generations. Flipping the leaves of the album I saw an image of my mom when she was a baby in black & white and our family portrait in color. We all have got such images clicked down the generations. Nothing is more beautiful than these memories. Candid Family Portrait Photography This family portrait...

Baby Photographer in Delhi

Photo Memories Of Your Child

There isn’t a single moment that goes dull when you have a little one in your house. However fleeting these moments be, there is always a dream to capture all these beautiful moments forever. After all, these are memories that will be cherished forever, right?. From the day your little ones open their eyes to the time they hold your hand with their tiny fingers and take the first step, all these delicate moments, if captured well, turn in to a series of beautiful images that preserves the...


Getting your baby to sit in one place and play the perfect model for that little photo shoot you planned can be quite a task. You have the camera ready, your baby seems happy, and it’s time to click! Well, the moment you start to click, the baby begins to cry or move from that perfect position you placed him/her in. Can you click great pictures despite you’re baby’s mood swings?  Yes you can, and a few simple tricks can also help you keep the mood swings at bay! Read on: Be...