Priya Goswami

-Photographer  &  Writer

A professional newborn & baby photographer, Priya Goswami is someone who can help you re-live each moment of tenderness with your child all lifelong.  Since photography was her true calling in life, she left her full time corporate job as a marketing and brand professional with an MNC to follow her passion. By qualification she is an MBA from Indus Business Academy, Bangalore, India, and has a decade long experience in the industry as well. To further her natural art and talent for photography, she has also studied photography at the Triveni Kala Sangam in New Delhi, India.

“I don’t believe in rushing up in a two hour session at the studio. Instead, I specialize in shooting at your home without disrupting the routine of the baby. Familiar environment puts the baby and the parents both at ease, making the session a comfortable one. More than simply clicking poses, I prefer to capture the natural activities and moments of the baby”—Priya Goswami.

Priya Goswami is based in Delhi/NCR and travels across the country for assignments. Currently working on her personal project-Mom & Baby Series, she loves capturing the moments & bonding-candid, spontaneous pictures that spell a story.